How To Be Prepared For Any Survival Situation

All survival scenarios are going to be different and you will never know what your going to get into until you are in it.  With that being said the true way to be prepared is to know how to keep your cool and use your skills to take what you have and improvise a way to stay alive.  I really feel like everyone has something your really good at weather it is a sport, hobby, your job, or maybe just doing math.  Most of the time you get really good at something by repetition or having a strong passion for something, this is no different for survival skills.  You can’t expect to know how to build shelters by just reading a book, take your book out in the woods with you and practice making them same with starting a fire its not hard to start a campfire in your back yard because you have all the resources you need right there, but if you try it in the woods you need to find everything you need.


Why not turn outdoor survival training into a fun game that will prepare you for any situation.  This is what I have been doing with my friends for a few years and our skills have increased  a lot.  So what I have done is came up with scenario cards, on these cards I’ll give a scenario, every card is different, each card has all the info about the situation your in and a time.  we will randomly draw the cards move to different areas of the woods and begin.  Every week we try to get together to do this all year round and the results are amazing.  The following is basically what is on them.


Temp. is 65`F

About 4 hrs of light

Light rain with the chance of a heavy overnight storm.


Shelter, fire, water and food


This was a very basic card but I think you get the point, these can be made for all types of scenarios for where you live or where you plan on going.  As they say practice makes perfect, I have spent a lot of time training this way, every time you go out you think of something that could of helped you so next time you pack it, also as you get better start limiting the things you take with you, use nature and the things around you, like fire starting with a bow drill or hand drill,    more to come….

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