The Benifits To Learning Home Gardening And Canning

It wasn’t to long ago I was reading and article about how gardening and canning could save your life during a large scale national disaster, so I was kind of shocked when I read this article and the comments that there is a large population that completely depends on store bought fruits and vegetables and also doesn’t know anything about gardening.  I live in a rural farming community where we have had a large garden ever since I have been a kid so to me this was crazy.

Gardening is not hard to do or hard to learn I have heard people say that they have tried it before and nothing would grow, but did they do any research and find out what the soil is like in their area. for example: If you live somewhere with very sandy soil you may need to add some nutrient rich soil to you garden.  The key to a successful garden is research, you have to sit down ahead of time and determine how big of and area you want to have, (I always draw mine out with paper and pencil) then figure out what you want to grow, how much room those thing need, then you need to read about the seeds you will be planting like how much light do they need what kind of soil and how long they take to grow.  If this is your first time growing you will make mistakes, some stuff will not grow, you will probably not plant enough of one thing and way to much of another, but this is part of learning!

Gardening is just the first part of this canning you


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